CCP4i2 demo data: HypF (PDB:1GXT)

This structure can be solved quickly by either experimental phasing or molecular replacement.

The data are from the crystal structure of hydrogenase maturation factor HypF: Rosano, C., Zuccotti, S., Bucciantini, M., Stefani, M., Ramponi, G., & Bolognesi, M. (2002). Crystal structure and anion binding in the prokaryotic hydrogenase maturation factor HypF acylphosphatase-like domain. Journal of molecular biology, 321(5), 785-796.

The structure has a molcular weight of 10070 Da with one molecule per assymetric unit. Unmerged data are available for a Hg derivative.

Data processing should integrated as hexagonal. The data processing statistics should show that batch 74 is faulty. Pointless suggests the spacegroup is H32.

Data files

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