CCP4i2 demo data: VapD (PDB:4CSB)

This structure can be solved quickly by either experimental phasing or molecular replacement and provides an easy introduction to CCP4. It is in space group F 4 3 2.

The native and SeMet data first need to be processed throughout the Data Reduction pipeline. VapD can be solved by Molecular Replacement using the PDB 4cv7 as a model, or by experimental SAD phasing (1 Se site). Note that the native protein does not contain Met. The native gene was mutated to incorporate a (Se)-Met to enable SAD phasing. Clever?

It was provided by Tony Wilkinson and the structure was published by Whittingham, J.L., Blagova, E.V., Finn, C.E., et al., Murzin, A.G., Meijer, W.G., and Wilkinson, A.J., in 2014 in a paper entitled "Structure of the Virulence-Associated Protein Vapd from the Intracellular Pathogen Rhodococcus Equi." Acta Cryst. (2014). D70, 2139-2151.

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